Purchase Order Management

For the Trading Business

Make Purchase Orders, program merchandise orders, and track supplies with the Kalbit Purchase Ordering process.

Faster, Smarter Purchasing Order System

Track all the POs of yours digitally at one place

Kalbit cloud-based purchase order management program automates the unique workflows of yours and accelerates buy requisitions.

The buy order process links with? accounts payable, ? cash managing, and ? inventory; therefore you do not enter the same info twice.

And also you can publish documents for simpler recordkeeping and immediate access to supporting documents.

Control the Entire Purchase Management Process

Kalbit puts you in the influence of your whole procure-to-pay process
  • Real-time Information at a GlanceKalbit purchase order management program gives the team of your quick access to info that is essential. You will see customizable, role-based purchasing dashboards, which means you can easily compare buy quotes, see price breaks, and other things.
  • Powerful Filterable ReportsAll reports within Purchase Control are completely filterable, enabling you to drill down readily and find out the secret information. They are no longer be pulling together info from many excel files, paper trails, and e-mail communications.

Maximize Profitability and Efficiency

Full of options to allow you to grow

Drive price savings and save time with buying process advantages by guaranteeing buys are placed together with your preferred suppliers a bit more frequently. Supplier management, in addition to inventory control, is handled centrally.

  • Adaptable to suit procurement in any sort of industry
  • Customizable to reflect the brand of yours and expert look
  • Print or perhaps email purchase orders
  • Receive Purchase Orders in total or perhaps in parts
  • Convert to Purchase record in a single click

Take Complete Control of the Inventory of yoursWatch how Kalbit Trade can enable you to control inventory & systemize the operations

Simplify Purchase Workflow

Create Purchase Orders and email them to the vendors of yours with a person simply click. You're in a position to allocate the inventory to perfect warehouses at the second of capturing purchase.

Inventory Control & Adjustments

Record inventory transfer between warehouses, inventory wastage, raw content usage, and creation of done products - All out of a super-simple screen.

Maintain Product Batches

Organize products in various batches as well as specify batch figures, producing dates, as well as expiry dates. It will help a great deal in case you're a manufacturer or perhaps deal with perishable products.

Create Multiple Users

You are able to add several users and assign them certain roles. For instance, a worker with an' inventory manager' function can just use the inventory function.

Maintain Multiple Warehouses

Create numerous warehouses to keep inventory. You can also contact them Store, Location, or maybe go down as per the business of yours needs.

Support Multiple Currencies

Kalbit Trade supports all the main currencies. You are going to get an article and that shows gain or perhaps loss as a consequence of currency fluctuation.

Excellent Value a Very Affordable price

Create buy orders effortlessly. Kalbit maintains a comprehensive sale history and also allows you to transform purchases into payments with a one-time simple click.

  • Log every purchase detailStay away from potential transaction discrepancies with Kalbit. The buy orders of ours monitor some products purchased, in addition to the agreed-upon price with the seller.
  • Convert buy orders into billsWhen you are working with a vendor, you can immediately change the buy orders into invoices.
  • Attach documents to increase contextAttach bills, costs, or maybe other photos connected with buy orders to your invoice.
  • Get insights into the purchases of yoursIdentify the top vendors of yours and most often purchased items with real-time reports on your transactional history.
  • Personalize your order ordersCreate personalized buy orders with your business logo. Change the track record color, put in a background picture, choose the font, and do other things.
  • Share to get things completed more quicklyPrint, duplicate, or maybe share buys orders over e-mail to collaborate as well as get things done more quickly.

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