Online expenseManagementSimply control employee expenses.

Everything is in a single place

Managing your employees' day expenses has never been much easier. Whether it's traveling costs, the business provides, or maybe some additional worker spending, access throughout the bills as well as expense submissions from the Expenses dashboard of yours and make, validate, or perhaps decline them in only a click. No need to obtain a certain program to continue expense records - everything could be achieved directly with the app!

What Kalbit Expense brings to the table?

End-to-end travel, as well as expense management

Manage all of the phases of your employees' company excursions - before, during, and after. Make bookings for accommodation and travel, set up pre-travel approvals, allow personnel to report costs on the go, simplify approvals, as well as reimburse promptly.

Complete spend management and compliance

Ensure 100 % policy compliance by creating various policies for specific branches, price centers, or perhaps departments. Control business expenditure with well-defined budgets and make sure proper approval before buying with custom endorsement flow.

Powerful automation and collaboration

Do not spend time by hand performing expense reporting projects. With Kalbit Expense's extensive automation, you and the employees of yours do not need to intervene in the cost reporting system. From receipt checking to endorsement, automate every little thing and conserve a great deal of time.

Travel, as well as cost managing for growing companiesStreamline T&E managing from end to conclude. Kalbit Expense has highly effective options to deal with expenses and travel, control spending, as well as modify as well as automate company responsibilities.

Manage all of the elements of the businesstravel of yours and expenses

Travel Management

Kalbit Expense allows you to make internet travel bookings and control offline traveling too. Create detailed travel itineraries, set up and control traveler bookmark profiles, and do a lot more:

  • Set up multi-level, customized pre-travel approval flows.
  • Done, end-to-end traveling table management.
  • Make internet traveling as well as hotel bookings and control offline traveling quickly as well.

Expense Reporting

Hand expense reporting is a factor of the past. Kalbit Expense automates the task from bills to reimbursement, eliminating hand mistakes and saving you countless hours. You can also:

  • Empower people to Auto scan receipts to produce bills automatically.
  • Automate cost reporting and approvals.
  • Make reimbursements/settlements online.

Spend management

Never go overboard with the spending of yours. Set up budgets; enforce policies, as configure buy approvals to make certain no cash is squandered on unauthorized expenses or even purchases. Not only that:

  • Create budgets and equate them with real spending.
  • Set thresholds before budget limitations as well as obstruct approvals on spending budget exhaustion.
  • Streamline spending with buy requests.

Audit & compliance

Kalbit Expense's AI-driven fraud detection motor makes it feasible to audit your online business costs better and keep you geared up for tax season. With dedicated countryside editions, you get neighborhood compliance in addition to mileage costs by default:

  • Audit costs prudently and area fraud with AI-driven insights.
  • Set up rules that are various to limit overspending by employees.
  • Choose from various existing tax ready editions.
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Stop dropping bills

Upload each bill immediately into the cost record

Workers can readily attach copies of the receipts of theirs straight to an expense record to stay away from losing them. Add attachments on the go with any mobile unit by taking a photograph of the receipt and mailing it to a designated email address. Save time and increase effectiveness by having a complete and clean history of all expenses.

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Manage expenses Per staff

Has a clear introduction to a team's expenditures.

Being a supervisor, easily follow expense records across the whole staff to maintain a watch on costs and make sure they keep on goal and within spending budget.

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Share the workload among departmentsGet everyone involved saving time.


Draft costs, bring paperwork, and publish receipts to the cost record.


Validate or even refuse costs in a click. Add reviews, edit captures, or perhaps ask for additional info.


The record business as well as worker expenditures, incorporating them to the publications, and processing payments as well as invoices.

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Access and share built-in expense reports

  • Keep tabs on the finances of yours
  • Make smarter decisions with immediate access to essential financials such as income, expenses, great invoices, and other things.

  • Get useful insights
  • Immediately find out how you are getting into earnings & loss accounts. Share them with the accountant of yours for a much better picture of your job.